Revolt of the Generals – III

The push back against the revolting generals continues in the media.  As we discussed in an earlier post, Rummy has taken command of the battle space, and is mopping up. The cavalry is tasked with keeping the generals and their allies off balance and unable to regroup.  Evidence of this is seen here, in an article by Jed Babbin entitled: "Keep the Big Dog Running". A key excerpt:

When President Bush brought Rumsfeld back to the Pentagon, the president told him to shake up the Pentagon, to transform it from the Cold War structure and culture that it was stuck in to a new force with strategies that could respond to the post-Cold War world.

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Quote of the Day

Here at Agricola, our stated mission is to search for information for the curious among us.  One of our interests is focused on the battle between the left and the right in our government and in our nation.  We are genuinely curious as to how people with such disparate views can assume such certitude when casting bolts at their opponents. Is there no room for doubt in the arguments from either side?  Perhaps one explanation can be found in this marvelous quote from Bertrand Russell, provided by the folks at Yuni Quotes of the Day:

Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power

I think he nails it.

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The CIA and the Leaker

Finally, the CIA has caught and terminated an employee for leaking classified information. We wonder if the undeclared war between the minions of the CIA and George Bush, the elected representative of the people, has reached a new phase.  The leakers of the CIA have, since 2002, been leaking information in an attempt to have the President either run out of office or rendered completely powerless.  Finally, a blow has been struck.  Will it be enough to stop the leaking to the Washington Post and the New York Times?  Probably not.

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A Note to Readers

If you think the site looks different, well, you are correct.  We have adjusted the font size of our posts and headers in an effort to make it as easy as possible for our readers to read what we write.  Careful observers may also have noticed slight changes in layout, colors, and organization. As we plumb the depths of TypePad, expect more changes as we search for the best combination of effects. Your input is always welcome.

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You’re OK

Bush_hu_youreokthumb From Joe’s Dartblog comes this little jewel of analysis of the inter-play between George Bush and Hu Jintao that occurred when a protester shouted down the Chinese president.  Follow the link for the full post, but allow me to furnish this excerpt:

Did Hu want to go back to the anteroom? Probably. And implicitly, President Bush denied him the option to fly. No out in America. Instead, our president said to their president, “You’re O.K.” Bush put himself in charge, helped his counterpart to understand that disagreement is a function of American culture. Refused to kowtow by letting Hu think that Bush was on his side. Refused to back him up; refused to knock him down. It was, truly, one of history’s finest exemplars of asymmetrical warfare. It was one of those moments when liberty suddenly needed defending. President Bush’s instincts rose to the same level as his diplomatic training. When the cowboy said to the communist tyrant, “You’re O.K.,” he towered above.

Joe’s point is worth repeating: When trouble comes, President Bush has the mettle to deal with the situation in exactly the right way.  Forget mangled phrases and confusing syntax, our President has what it takes.

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Soldiers are Vets, Too!


We could not resist the opportunity for word play after seeing this picture at Strategy Page.  Highly trained troopers from the 10th Mountain Division are hard at work winning the peace in Afghanistan. by de-worming the sheep of the Afghans.  Though tempted, we will not post pictures from the homicide bombing in Tel Aviv triggered by the 16 year old Palestinian to give some contrapuntal notes to this story.  Suffice it to say that we believe strongly that this kind of work, though under-reported by our friends in the MSM, must count for more than the destruction of innocents, infrastructure, and institutions in the minds of the people on the receiving end of both treatments.

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Revolt of the Generals – II

The fight continues, but as is the true nature of combat, the ground has shifted. An attack was launched on the Office of Secretary of Defense that caught him by surprise, despite some intelligence that an attack was imminent.  Initially, he was forced into a defensive posture while trying to determine the nature and extent of the attack.  Having spurred his intelligence troops to action, Rummy, initiated the famous Boyd Process (OODA Loop) like any good transformed military leader should, and regained the initiative.  The attack was blunted, Rummy counter-attacked in the correct direction with the right mix of forces, and repelled the attack.  His offensive continues, and the enemy is in full retreat.  As any good insurgency does, the enemy has now left the field of battle, and has called on the politicians to come to their aid.  We suspect that Rummy will press the attack for a short period, but will allow the politicians to provide cover to the attackers, who will melt into the forest and nurse their wounds, waiting for another opportunity.

H/T Academic Elephant at RedState

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