You’re OK

Bush_hu_youreokthumb From Joe’s Dartblog comes this little jewel of analysis of the inter-play between George Bush and Hu Jintao that occurred when a protester shouted down the Chinese president.  Follow the link for the full post, but allow me to furnish this excerpt:

Did Hu want to go back to the anteroom? Probably. And implicitly, President Bush denied him the option to fly. No out in America. Instead, our president said to their president, “You’re O.K.” Bush put himself in charge, helped his counterpart to understand that disagreement is a function of American culture. Refused to kowtow by letting Hu think that Bush was on his side. Refused to back him up; refused to knock him down. It was, truly, one of history’s finest exemplars of asymmetrical warfare. It was one of those moments when liberty suddenly needed defending. President Bush’s instincts rose to the same level as his diplomatic training. When the cowboy said to the communist tyrant, “You’re O.K.,” he towered above.

Joe’s point is worth repeating: When trouble comes, President Bush has the mettle to deal with the situation in exactly the right way.  Forget mangled phrases and confusing syntax, our President has what it takes.


3 thoughts on “You’re OK

  1. Frank

    Don’t you think you might be treading on thin ice when you try to connect a solitary protestor on the White House lawn to, for instance, a war or an enormous natural disaster? George Bush told Hu Jintao to ignore a screaming woman. If ignoring something is considered “having what it takes,” then I guess Bush has shown that he has what it takes over and over again through the past five and a half years, but I don’t think that being able to give someone else advice on how to handle a woman’s short outburst illustrates any greater personal strengths or weaknesses on his part.

  2. Agricola

    Thanks for the comment. I think that you are mistaking policy differences with personal courage. The point that Joe made, and that I agreed with, is that W has the intestinal fortitude to deal with sudden, unexpected difficulties. Neither of us wrote a word about his political actions, although you may correctly surmise that I am a supporter of the President.

  3. Windviel

    All that glitters in this administration is not gold and perhaps the President is no elocutionist, but he can be good on his feet. In the matter of Hu and the heckler in the crowd, that was a Sterling moment for Mr. Bush. How he will perform in the future we cannot predict, but he has often scored in the bottom of the 9th when under estimated by his opponents.

    If we isolate this comment from all other discussion, we can see a how the President employed irony to underline the sharp contrasts between iron fist of Communism and the open hand of freedom.

    We can’t blame Brother Hu from wanting to duck and cover when the shrieking began. It reminds one of the way in which the U.S. openly displayed its space exploration failures to the world, while the Soviets quietly buried theirs in secret. The government of China this moment is rooting out the impolite bloggers in their country who rudely differ with Communist China’s policies.

    Ah, the inscrutable East. Their graceful demeanor eschews heckling outbursts and discourtesy of any kind. I recall the dignity and humility of the two Japanese envoys who waited in outer offices of Secretary Hull as their counterparts were in the air, on the mark, over Pearl Harbor.

    So sorry, Brother Hu for our outbursts.


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