The Martian Rovers

Victoriaroad_opportunity_big_1 From the Astronomy Picture of the Day come the amazing story of the Martian rovers, still operating after 3 years on the surface of Mars (far beyond their intended life-cycle).

Here is a road never traveled. To get to Victoria Crater on Mars, the rolling robotic rover Opportunity must traverse the landscape shown above. Victoria Crater lies about one kilometer ahead. The intervening terrain shows a series of light rock outcrops that appears like some sort of cobblestone road. Surrounding this naturally-occurring Martian road, is Martian sand ripples that must be navigated around. Inspection of the outcrop road shows it to be sprinkled with many small round rocks dubbed blueberries. Opportunity and its sister robot Spirit continue their third year exploring Mars. Within the next month, planetary scientists hope to maneuver Opportunity across Meridiani Planum to get a good view of 800-meter diameter Victoria Crater.

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One thought on “The Martian Rovers

  1. Chuckography

    Your post on Martian Chronicles (sorry Ray Bradbury) reminded me of the hours I enjoyed on a NASA website a year ago, looking at pictures and videos sent back from the moon. A few I remembered from watching tv but what a treasure trove for a space nut!

    I even scrolled through the manual on unloading, setting up and driving the Lunar Rover in case I ever get up there and find one of the three that were left behind. I understand they would remain as they had been rust, etc.

    Wonder if the keys are in the ignition?


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