Lessons Not Learned

UPdate: Link fixed.

Link: American Future.

As an update to my earlier post, whereupon Ralph Peters talks about the will to win, here is another commentator saying the same thing in a different, and possibly more pessimistic, way.  Is there any lesson in the second kick of the mule?

His lesson:

It’s debatable whether the United States and Israel have the means to eliminate the threats they face, barring the unacceptable use of nuclear weapons. What isn’t debatable is that neither has the will to do so. Judged by public opinion polls, only a small minority of Americans are as concerned as I am, and there’s a vocal minority that actively opposes the use of all necessary means. This, along with concern about "international opinion" and the politically-correct refusal to identify the religious and ethnic identities of those who wish us ill (hence, the "war on terrorism" euphamism), constrains and limits our counterterrorism policies. If various newspaper articles are accurate, the blame for Israel’s failure to win belongs to the Olmert government, not to public opinion.

The real fight is being postponed. The longer we wait to confront it, the more costly—in lives and treasure—it will be.


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