Duck & Cover

Images_2 If you are of a certain age, you might remember this position.  You might also remember why your school had these drills. If you don’t remember anything like this, count your blessings and your good fortune to be born in a time when our country knew that we were relatively safe from a nuclear attack (or that we were all going to be killed regardless of any drill).  Just know that the drills were real, well-intentioned, and indicative of the times.  There was no partisan debate on the need for these exercises, and the Republican and Democrat administrations of the time were not accused of fear-mongering in an effort to drum up support from voters.

Whether or not you think such times are again upon us, or visible on the horizon, read this.  The point the author makes is:

In a post-proliferation world, we are going to be raising another generation of children (probably several generations of children) marked by nerve-wracking “retention drills.” And get ready…the fallout shelter is coming back, too. Given the Soviets’ overwhelmingly large nuclear arsenal — capable of turning the entire United States to dust in the event of a major nuclear exchange — fallout shelters came to seem like a joke. But when dealing with a possible strike from a single weapon, or at most a mere handful of weapons, the logic of the fallout shelter is compelling. We’re going to need to be able to evacuate our cities in the event of a direct attack, or to avoid radiation plumes from cities that have already been struck. Tens or hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved by such measures.

You don’t have to like the story, but you really should read it.

From The Corner.


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