“The Path To 9/11” Part II

Newsbusters provides some further insight on the howls of indignation coming from the Clinton regime as ABC prepares to air their docu-drama on the events leading to 9/11.  He links to a column written by Michael Scheurer, formerly the head of the CIA group tasked with tracking Bin Laden throughout the 1990s, in which Scheurer destroys the notion that Clinton et al were determined to kill or capture the leader of Al-Qaeda.  Scheurer further decimates the facts of the matter as written by Richard Clarke in his most recent book. 

Most reasonable people can agree that blame for the failure to 1) appreciate the threat, 2) take action to prevent the unthinkable, or 3) assume responsibility for the failings must fall on all of the parties involved. The latest attempt by the Clintonistas and their apologists in the current Congress to avoid blame by demanding script changes (in order to evade any implication of responsibility) simply confirms the complete lack of character and integrity on the part of Clinton, Berger, Albright, Clarke, et al.

As they say, read the whole thing.


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