Fossil Fuels & The Military – II

In this post, from August 23, we linked to a story about the Marines in Iraq and the use of alternative energy sources for their power needs.  Well, here is a follow-up story, replete with links to additional stories and sites.  The salient points:

Obviously, renewable energy isn’t going to solve problems on the scale of Iraq’s FUBARed power grid, nor will it solve problems that are really about planning, and not technology. And just as obviously, there’s no mature technology out there ready to take the place of every diesel generator and internal combustion engine in the U.S. armory.

But as I wrote almost a year ago, the Department of Defense can’t afford to sit around and wait for someone else to mature those technologies: "the mature renewable-energy and fuel-efficient technology of the future may never appear in reality until it appears among DARPA’s ‘Areas of Interest.’"

Since I wrote those words, I’m glad to say that there’s been all sorts of movement on this front. And the publicity garnered by Zilmer’s memo can only help matters along.

So next time you hear about a company that’s developing better solar cells, or more efficient wind turbines, pay attention. They’re not just Mother Nature’s best friends – they may well be a jarhead’s best friend.

As discussed on Xark’s site, the challenge in the development of alternative energy technology is engineering, not the development of new technology.  As we have previously noted, the idea of "alternative" energy, as championed by "progressives", being developed and supported by "The War for Oil" is an ironic twist to a problem that is one of the greatest challenges of our time.


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