Ahmadinejad Meets The Foreign Policy Establishment

American Future reports on Ahmadinejan’s meeting, in New York, with the poobahs of Foreign Policy, known as the Council on Foreign Relations.  An organization that does not consider itself a mouthpiece for, of friend of, the Bush administration, the CFR has long been at odds with the stated goals of the Bush foreign policy team.  Imagine, then, the unease the group must have felt after having an opportunity for an "exchange of ideas" with the Iranian president.

This excerpt serves as an indication of the tenor of the event:

Mr. Ahmadinejad’s habit of answering every question about Iranian policy with a question about American policy was clearly wearing on some of the members, but at the end they acknowledged that he was about as skillful an interlocutor as they had ever encountered. "He is a master of counter punch, deception, circumlocution,” Mr. Scowcroft said, shaking his head. Mr. Blackwill emerged from the conversation wondering how the United States would ever be able to negotiate with this Iranian government.

"If this man represents the prevailing government opinion in Tehran, we are heading for a massive confrontation with Iran," he said. [emphasis added]

The NYT has more…


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