Suppression of Free Speech – Update

A few days back, we breathlessly reported that the Department of the Interior had recently installed filters on its servers and was selectively blocking blogsites.  It appeared that the potentates of censorship at DOI were blocking those blogsites of a more conservative nature, while not restricting access to our brothers and sisters of the Left.  As is so often the case, first reports of the incident did not reveal the full intent of the blocking; it is now reported that most, if not all, blogsites have been blocked, regardless of political orientation.  Wretchard provides a link here that provides clarifying details.

While we agree with the notion that pornography and gambling are not good ways for the federal employee to spend his/her time on our dime, we can’t help but ask, rhetorically, the difference between reading a newspaper or weekly magazine while on the job and logging on to the web to catch up on the latest comments of The Corner, or The Belmont Club.

We await patiently the move into the 21st Century by the Organs of State.


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