Keegan: Iraq is Not Viet Nam

President Bush, in a recent interview, acknowledged that he saw some similarities between the conflicts in Iraq and Viet Nam.  He was careful to explain his position, and did not equate the current situation to Viet Nam in a military sense, but in the sense that the Media wants to declare the Iraq war lost, as they did so successfully in Viet Nam. Nonetheless, his remarks are being trumpeted by the Big Media as a "confession" that the anti-war establishment is as right today as they were in 1968 – 1969.  Fortunately for the rest of us, the Blogosphere allows unfiltered access to facts, and bloggers willing to push back against those who wish, almost more than impeachment hearings, to wrest defeat from victory.  John Keegan makes the case, admirably, in a column published today.  His main point:

The Vietnam war was not lost on the battlefield, but in the American media’s treatment of news from the front line.

Read it here.

H/T Real Clear Politics


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