Wretchard on the War

Wretchard is one of the best examples of what the Blogosphere can offer to informed discussion on issues of the day. He was, by accident, one of the first bloggers found by the Agricoli in our search for information in the Blog Universe. He remains a prime source today.

Today’s commentary offers us a deeper understanding of the nature of the conflict between the West and Islam. Although lengthy, the reader will be rewarded with insight at the conclusion.  Take a minute or two and read it……….we promise you’ll like it.

A taste, via excerpt:

After Sayyid Qutb was scandalized by Harry Truman’s America he was later brutalized by Gamal Abdel Nasser’s prisons. It may have been the low cut dresses of American women that first planted the seed which was to grow into al-Qaeda’s ideology but it was the blood shed by Marxist torturers that watered it. Qutb and later Osama bin Laden saw Marxism and secularism as agencies of the Devil; but to destroy them it was first necessary to destroy the world’s system administrator: the USA. One of the real ironies of the War on Terror is that the most hated targets of al-Qaeda, the culturally liberal — the gays, feminists, entertainers, civil libertarians, artists and novelists — are its most vocal critics. It is only slowly dawning on al-Qaeda’s pet hates that the Global Jihad is exactly about them and their whole belief system. Salman Rushdie knows it; Sayyid Qutb knew it. Some parts of Europe are beginning to know it; most will never admit it even to the second the blade is drawn across their throats. But the second greatest irony that the surviving non-Muslim believers in Europe — the Christians, Buddhists and Jews — have not only had to bear the intellectual brunt of defending liberalism up to now, but are now being asked to give up the public profession of their own faith in order to preserve it.


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