Finally – A Reasonable Discussion of The Marriage Issue

We’ve been searching the blogoshpere for more information on the issue of same-sex marriage, civil unions, and the rights attached (or not) thereto.  Volokh provides an interesting discussion of the issue, initially by discussing some data from Scandinavia and then moving to the US side of the pond.  The comments, as usual, provide a rich source of material for considering the view from several sides.  All in all, a good example of reasoned discussion with commenters laying out their positions unadorned with anger, invective, and threats.  Take a look.

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One Reply to “Finally – A Reasonable Discussion of The Marriage Issue”

  1. Ag, vote yes on amendment #one and I’m still going to be labelled as an intolerant homophobe by folks whose opinions still don’t matter to me. Judicial activism is the only reason that this measure has come to hold a place on this year’s ballot.

    I tend to hold to the notion (archaic to some), that marriage is a sacrament of the church and that the courts have no standing in telling any given religon what marriage shall be. The proponents of “gay marriage” seem strangely enamored with a “separation of church and state” yet have been pushing churches in the states where these unions have been “legalized” into accepting doctrine that is anathema to their religion, under the threat of denying thier tax-exempt status.

    They cannot have it both ways. The only legitimate interests of the state in any such unions are consanguinuity and venereal disease control. Fo me and my house, leaving the door open for a court to mandate the tenets of my religion is equiavalnet to accepting dhimmitude to a secularist sharia.
    Nevermind the fact that teh courts seem to ignore the first amendment to the US consititution.

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