Whatever Happened To……?

There is a different feel to this latest round of elections…..and we have been trying to put our finger on what it is.  After scanning the airwaves, the print media, and the Blogosphere, we slowly began to discern the difference. It isn’t the gloating of the victors, nor the lamentations of the losers. It isn’t the absence of partisan revenge-seekers, or the vows of the defeated to win back what has been lost. We haven’t read a single story about Republicans emigrating to another country, or about a new type of depression linked to electoral losses; it doesn’t appear that the denizens of the fly-over states are aghast at the wishes of the (new) majority. No, we have nailed it. Finally, after 3 election cycles, we have managed to eradicate voter fraud, vote suppression, intimidation, and vote theft. The apparent concerns with Diebold and its corporate mission of guaranteeing Republican over-counts (despite being owned by Hugo Chavez) have receded into the fog of the distant memory. And, amazingly enough, all of these victories have been accomplished in our recently created Fascist state, whose political organs would (we were told) never again allow us, The People, an opportunity to make decisions. It says much of our great nation that we have overcome these Republican tactics and have managed to re-establish the Principles of Democracy. Now, if we could just get Keith Olbermann a job (since he will no longer have anything to rant about) and get some of those conservative speakers on the campuses of our great liberal arts universities………..


10 Replies to “Whatever Happened To……?”

  1. No!!!! Our great liberal arts universities are ‘conservative-speaker-free’ zones!!! Please, those of us ‘liberal since birth’ need our safe havens!! 🙂

  2. Pam, I thought it was an either/or proposition long established in our principles of Democracy; that you can’t have them both….either you get the Halls of Congress or the Halls of Academe. The opposition has to have a place to hatch their return to power….

  3. Who knows Ad, when you return to the Halls of Academe perhaps you can hatch a plan yourself, or perhaps you’ll become attached to those liberal halls(it’s always a possibility, you know!). If you’re not careful, you might end up a Grade A biology-loving liberal. 🙂

    When I walk into the lab every morning, there’s a framed portrait of GW’s face staring at me. We’re a federal building disguised as an academic one – and while the bumper stickers in the parking lot shout out a majority view (Evolve! John Kerry for President! F The President!) once inside you’ll find an evangelical IT guy, an NMR spectroscopist with a signed and frame photo of the Bush Family on his office walls, and another that fears what will happen with the federal budget for ’07 with such a shift in Congress. The nice thing about it all – is that we have open discussions about these views on a regular basis – in attempts to understand each other’s views. Interesting conversations. I know I’ve learned alot. Which is the whole point of those Halls, right?

  4. Pam: As a wise person once said, a conservative is just a liberal that grew old, or perhaps he said that idealism is replaced with realism, or fatalism. I remain open to the possibility of a reversion, once surrounded by the flower of the newest generation, remembering the adage that youth is wasted on the young.

  5. The amendment to the state constitution defining marriage as a bond only between one man and one woman was easily approved statewide, but was defeated, narrowly, in Charleston and Folly Beach. In the two precincts in Folly Beach, 528 votes were cast to oppose the amendment and 503 votes were cast to support it. Does this portend a move towards changing the name of Folly Beach to Foley Beach?

  6. Okay, I was going to refrain from commenting, but…would you please tell me what the marriage amendment has to do with a former congressman sending suggestive emails to an under-age intern (of the same gender)? I’ve obviously missed the humor in this.

  7. Uhh….ahem…cough…I have a senior member of the Agricoli that has persuaded me to extend certain posting rights so that he may spread his uncertain brand of humor into the blogosphere…no doubt in the hope that he will find a warmer audience than his weary family members. In discussing the concept of comments, he was moved to make a joke (laugh, please). In error, he placed his comment in the wrong post. He meant, he swears, to comment in the original Agricola post of the SCMA. He further swears that he did place his comment correctly, but that the software malfunctioned (a common occurrence in his parallel universe). I hope, Pam, you can be patient with Pollex Viridis, as he is a gardener after your own heart. He puns unmercifully, may be a little more conservative than your scribe, but wants to be a “player” in the blogosphere. We shall see. Now, about those trackback things, Pollex Viridis……

  8. I can forgive a gardener for most sins (sins of unkindness however…okay, so it was an attempt at humor – to which I can say he spared his family??). At the end of most days I’m often much too serious. Perhaps though, you could drag him along to your Biology course?

  9. Better, stronger people than I have tried to re-route the rivers of the mind belonging to PV, particularly as it relates to his wordplay. Like the Corps of Engineers and the Atchafalaya, the natural state easily overwhelms the man-made, so our entreaties, pleadings, and finally, deafness, have had no effect on his punditry (in the real sense). Those strange atmospheric noises reported in the Lowcountry are not aliens, or fighter jocks breaking the sound barrier, or indications of a tectonic movement; they are the sound of the collective groans of the Agricoli as PV launches yet another bit of wordplay. We are the long-suffering…..

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