Alcee Hastings

Does Nancy Pelosi intend to honor her pledge of a "corruption-free" Congress, or is she simply another politician willing to say anything to achieve advantage over her opponent? Are ear-marks and pork-filled Bills history, or the future? Are the interests of the nation more important than the interests of her party, her donors, and her friends and family? Was her support of Murtha, himself a veteran of ABSCAM and various pork-fests, an aberration or a trend?

The answers to these questions will be revealed when she names the new Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives. Your scribe provides his earlier research here. Tigerhawk weighs in here. Byron York has more insight at the Corner.

If the new Speaker of the House cannot appreciate that the elevation of an impeached Federal Judge to a position of such sensitivity puts lie to her pre-election comments, then how can we believe another thing she says?


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