A Consideration of Inconsiderateness

The picture tells a story…..a story told too many times every day in the book of Agricola’s life.  Inconsiderate behavior practiced by far too many people.


I guess his "off-road" vehicle is too delicate to endure the nicks and dents that we all endure when using public parking. To protect the value of his investment, he decides to impose his self-interest on the less fortunate….like the handicapped.  Your scribe has seen far worse, including, but not limited to, parallel parking and angled parking, whose sole purpose is to "protect" the lout’s car at the expense of other people’s access to parking.  The sad news is that all of us are guilty, in that we, sheep-like, allow these acts to occur without speaking up. There is no sense of shame; inconsiderate behavior goes unpunished, and we watch helplessly as our long established rules of behavior are torn apart by the children, posing as adults, who live among us.

Add this lout to the Inconsiderate Bastard Hall of Fame, along with those who park in directly in front of the grocery store instead of finding a parking place 15 steps away, smokers who dump their butts at intersections instead of using their ash trays, drivers who think the left lane of interstate highways is NOT for passing and get offended when someone tries to pass, and most importantly, those IDIOTS who think they are being considerate when they stop, in their lane of a four lane road, and motion the turning driver to proceed, AS IF THEY CONTROLLED BOTH LANES! God save us from that particular act of vehicular suicide kindness.


6 Replies to “A Consideration of Inconsiderateness”

  1. What got me was the time I pulled over to the side of the road when an ambulance, siren on, was coming and the car behind me swerved around around me in a huff, nearly going head on with the ambulance!

    It’s amazing how disconnected drivers can be to anything other than themselves and their own little world on the road.

  2. That photo really says it all.

    I remember a former co-worker who tried to get me to go to church with her. One day, a group of us went out for lunch and she drove. She had her gospel music blaring and was talking about church and religion.

    Then, as we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, she pulled into a handicapped space and pulled out a handicapped tag and put in on the dashboard. I asked why (this lady was fit as a fiddle). She said that she had it, so she should use it.

    I told her to never speak to me about going to church with her again, and she never did. In fact, after that, she had little to say to me at all which was fine with me.

    I do believe Karma happens.

  3. In reference to some commenters, perhaps what is needed is a Lowcountry Hall of Shame, with a vehicular sub-category, where we publish photos of shameful, selfish behavior. Seems to me that shame as a moral force has disappeared.

  4. Vera, being that I am a paramedic. I have been the one driving the very large, very top heavy vehicle called an ambualnce and have played chicken with more than one honda civic or even lincoln escalades (guess who wins that little game?)

    It’s frustrating really. I don;t think people understand how hard it is to stop one of those beasts and when the siren and lights are going we could be coming to thier family. It take 10 seconds to stop. pull to the RIGHT and let the ambualnce pass.


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