A Kim du Toit Link

Sometimes, somewhere in the Blogoshpere, somebody says things that need to be passed along.  Your scribe, doing his duty, hereby shamelessly excerpts:

News Flashes

Kim du Toit
November 29, 2006
5:40 AM


No time to expand on these, so I’ll just give the headlines, with a brief suggestion.

1. Snoop Dogg arrested: No doubt for “crimes against music” (well, under the reign of King Kim, there’d be such a law).

2. Imams act suspiciously like terrorists on an airliner, then complain when they’re treated like terrorists: Deport them. If they’re citizens, revoke their citizenship and then deport them. If they wanna do loud Muslim prayers on an airliner, let ‘em fly Saudi Airways from now on.

3. President Spineless to push for loosening of visa requirements: Impeach him. We’re at war, and he wants to make it easier for furriners to come to our country?

4. Washington D.C. city council asks for pay raise to make them most highly-paid in the country:
Fire them all, and replace them with people chosen at random from the
D.C. phone book. The nation’s capital is also the perennial contender
for the nation’s Murder Capital, Uneducated Capital, and Corruption
Capital, and these clowns want more money?

5. Supreme Court to Take Up Global Warming Case: I bet SCOTUS finds carbon dioxide to be un-Constitutional, and makes it illegal for us to exhale. After Kelo, anything’s possible.

6. Federal judge orders Treasury to make paper currency different sizes, shapes:
Impeach him. He’s a Clinton appointee, which makes him automatically
suspect anyway. (For further proof of the latter statement, see here.)
Yes, I know that our currency may be confusing to the blind. It may
also be confusing to the illiterate and to people who are unfamiliar
with Western typefaces. I know: let’s make some notes round, some
pentagonal, and print the whole lot in Esperanto.

and lastly:

7. U.S. Bans Sale of IPods to North Korea: My question: why are we selling anything
to North Korea? Oh I know: now that the Democrats have won Congress,
President Spineless has decided to implement a Clintonian foreign

Wake me when it’s all over.

There is enough here for at least a day of cogitation, which may perhaps generate a post.

CWCID: Kim Du Toit


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