A Reason to Be Thankful for the Iraq Study Group

Well, after months of work, interviews with other politicians and diplomats, supported by a staff that did not include any current active duty military personnel, and a lone visit to Iraq that did not include a trip beyond the Green Zone but for one committee member, the Iraq Study Group has presented it’s report to the President. It is interesting to note that the bound report was available for purchase the same day the report was presented to the President and that Baker and Hamilton had managed to sit for Annie Leibovitz so that their pictures could grace the front covers of all the important MSM weeklies. The requisite 15 minutes of fame were grabbed, perhaps for the final time, by a group of aging insiders whose main accomplishments are a litany of decisions made in the shadow of the Cold War that were proven, in hindsight, to be mistakes. The only citizens that seem to pleased with the report’s findings are the television network reporters, who without reading the report in its entirety, are only too happy to declare the report a "repudiation" of Bush policies.

Well, count me pleased with the results of the report. The committee and its body of work should remind us, anew, of the wisdom of our founding fathers, who, in constructing a form of government that might see our nation through troubled waters, understood that war is too important to be conducted by committee. No, better to give such responsibility to one person, the President. The Congress can constrain his impulses by controlling the finances of any war, and the Judicicary is there to ensure that his exercise of power authorized by the Constitution remains within its bounds. But the conduct of war is too important to be subject to the dynamic of a committee.

We have learned already that the ISG conducted straw polls to gauge support for certain propositions, that other propositions were denied even a straw vote at the insistence of one or a few members. Indeed, the best that can be said of this result, as remarked by Chairman Baker, was that it represented a bi-partisan consensus, at least with the 10 members of the committee. What a load of bunkum.

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