International Princess Day

Thanks to Xark for the heads up on International Princess Day,  which allowed Agricola to alert Agricolae of the fact that the daily existence known as "her life" has now been officially recognized, at least in some circles. Not content to restrict the celebration of her being to the simple duchy of the Agricoli, Princess alerted her work knaves at the kingdom (Office of Fisheries Management, Department of Natural Resources) to the existence of the Xark World Rite known as IPD. Planning commenced in the kingdom, with activities and accoutrements arranged for ALL of the work knaves, whether they are eligible for princess-dom or not. At the appropriate time, and in the appropriate place, the celebration began. Knaves, serfs, and travellers all around the kingdom were surprised by a strange sound, something like Aaaarh, as princesses and princess pretenders celebrated IPD in the the Great Room of the Castle know as Fort Johnson. Agricola knows this to be true, not because he was allowed to attend, but because a spy captured certain moments with her secret camera. The evidence can be seen below:




Gentle reader, look closely, and you can see that all of the Princesses are wearing tiaras. Note also that, by Decree, that Princess of the Agricoli apparently issued very broad guidelines as to who can be a princess. No matter. It is enough to be special, in whatever way, for one day of the year.


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