I Feel a Little Full!

Happily for the Agricoli, the return to the comforting environs of the Lowcountry was much less traumatic than the departure. There was a small hitch in the giddy-up on the last leg of the return flight, when we discovered that we had been assigned seats on the wrong flight by the ticket agent in Charleston, lo those many days earlier. Happily, the flight from Charlotte to Charleston was the first flight of our Christmas experience that was not over booked, so we were allowed to take the ride. Small recompense for the earlier troubles, in your scribe’s opinion.

After four days of familial cheer, including an apparently endless supply of home-made cookies, the Swedish in-laws’ smorgasbord, and hours spent playing chess with the nephew and watching combat on the NEW Play Station 3, we are feeling a little like the fellow on the left in this picture:


So, it’s off to the Gym for some solid exercise before the New Year, with my new iPod Nano along to provide some distraction from the pain of the gain. Next on the calendar is the Liberty Bowl, where the Fighting Gamecocks begin their march toward destiny and a National Championship in 2008.

Let the Games Begin!   


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