Blogging vs Journalism

OK…still on the subject of the Blogosphere, but a shorter post for the late afternoon cocktail crowd. Dean Barnett puts the finishing touches on the busting of Joe Rago. He manages, in the same post, to put down the entire profession of journalism. I suppose this cycle will end, but the new guys sure have put the hammer to the old guys.

It’s kind of like the mess in Education circles, where teachers are "educators", generalists, if you like, who apparently have mastered the "process" of teaching, irrespective of the content. As we all know, you can’t teach in the public school system if you have a Ph.D and NOT a teaching certificate. So, you can major in education and teach, say, English, but you can’t major in English and, say, teach. Unless you get certified. Everybody wants to control their piece of the pie, without regard to the greater good. We need to wake up.

Sure hope none of the professors in whose classes I will attempt to learn next semester have a dog in this fight.


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