What’s Ahead?

On the cusp of 2007, with wishes for happiness and prosperity conveyed to the appropriate persons, with many personal changes lurking in the haze of the near term, and with the optimism that comes from looking ahead rather than behind, herewith a link to one of your scribe’s favorite bloggers, The Futurist, who writes in his last post of 2006:

We are fortunate to live in an age
when a single calendar year will invariably yield multiple
technological breakthroughs, the details of which are easy accessible
to laypeople.  In the 18th century, entire decades would pass without
any observable technological improvements, and people knew that their
children would experience a lifestyle identical to their own.  Today,
we know with certainty that our lives in 2007 will have slight but
distinct and numerous improvements in technological usage over 2006. 

Into the Future we continue, where 2007 awaits..

Of particular interest is the question Are you acceleration aware?  Read and ponder, with the hope, optimism and courage that a New Year brings to us all.


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