For Want of a Nail……

Ginn7 The dust has settled on Florida’s amazing victory over Ohio State. Midwesterners across the fruited plain are still scratching their heads, while the Southerners are nodding to each other in acknowledgement that it is very dangerous in college football to underestimate the SEC. Some of us (and I include myself) thought the Gators had a chance, but we mostly kept our thoughts to ourselves for fear of public ridicule.

Yet, we all (at least those of us who are honest) know that games can and do turn on the smallest incident, that a game with teams of 85 men per side, uncounted numbers of coaches, factotums, strap-hangers, sycophants, and first responders can be altered with a single mistep, the slightest injury, a bad call from the officials. That the smallest event can have the greatest impact on a game, a season, or a sport is what keeps all of us optimistic when we shouldn’t be, and pessimistic when we ought not, and realistic always.

Thus, the tipping point of the Ohio State – Florida came came at this moment., when Ginn, the terrific receiver for Ohio State, was tackled by his team-mates in the end zone after returning the kick-off for a touchdown. His ankle was severely sprained and he left the gain shortly thereafter, never to return. And thus was removed from the game a major piece of the Buckeye offensive juggernaut. The rest is history.


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