The First Skirmish in the Anglo-Iranian War

Normally this kind of thing occurs in the shadows, in remote corners of contested areas. When events edge closer to the glare of the media spotlight, it is usually a sign that things are getting to the boiling point. Soldiers dressed in US uniforms were allowed to pass through Iraqi checkpoints to reach a secure building where US and Iraqi soldiers were meeting to discuss "security issues". And things turned very ugly. Read the report and say a prayer for our troopers. And prepare for things to get ugly between us and the Iranians. The gloves are coming off.


One thought on “The First Skirmish in the Anglo-Iranian War

  1. lars

    It has happened since day one. In fact, elite US forces have chased a few(Iranian units) back on several ocassions.This has been happening since almost day one of the war. The media just illuminated it recently with the new nuclear issues. But, feel free to research, I remember several articles on this very issue.

    But what about the Brazilian supermodels? I think we can find a few good men to handle those issues.


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