Picking on the Defenseless

At the boarding school we attended with about 150 other sons of the South, bullying and teasing were hallmarks of daily life.  In the testosterone rich environment, one learned very quickly how to defend against the mostly verbal predation or else quickly became a target of opportunity for the quick of wit and the sharp of tongue. But among the predators an unwritten rule existed; no style points earned for attacking the truly defenseless. We are reminded of this life lesson by TigerHawk, who takes John Kerry down for a little verbal beating…..which is probably a violation of the unwritten rule.

"The fun hasn’t gone out blogging after all!  Even though he is not running for president, the erstwhile leader of the Democratic party is still making an unbelievable ass
of himself. He has gone to the World Economic Forum at Davos (where,
Captain Ed observes, "American leftists [go] to slam their own
country"), attacked the United States for policies that he voted for
(and, no, I’m not talking about Iraq), and sucked up to the least bad president in the history of the Islamic Republic (that being a best-hockey-player-in-Ecuador standard if there ever was one).

Really, it’s too easy.


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