Pictures do tell a story, in a first half with 6 turnovers, 3 by each team. The wet conditions may have had a hand in the Indy missed PAT, and certainly help explain Vinateri’s inexplicable miss of the FG as time expired in the first half. Nonetheless, with the score 16-14, the Colts have put a statistical whipping on Da Bears in the first half, which has a meaning/value of exactly zero in the calculus of victory. But, if the rain stops, look for the Colts to go to the air in the second half early, then return to the pounding ground game when the legs start to go away on the Chicago side. If you are a Bears fan, you need to ask some divine intervention for Rex and the offense, because they will have to turn it on if they want to win the game. I’m not saying, but I’m saying….the Colts have a chance. 

Yes, there is much football to be played. Yes, Lovey et al will definitely make some adjustment. Urlacher is probably going to make a terrific play that yields points for Chicago. But the Colts should be able to continue to score.

For the statistically inclined, with Clements’ warning about data in mind, herewith the numbers for the first half:

Total Net Yard 257 95
Total Plays 46 19
Average Gain 5.6 5.0
Net Yards Rushing 64 63
Rushes 20 11
Avg. Per Rush 3.2 5.7
Net Yards Passing 193 32
Comp.-Att. 17-26 6-8
Yards Per Pass 7.4 4.0
Sacked-Yards Lost 0-0 0-0
Had Intercepted 1 0
Touchdowns 2 2
Rushing 1 0
Passing 1 1
Other 0 1
Extra Points 1-1 2-2
Field Goals 1-1


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