Lindsey Loses A Voter

Here’s a link to a story of generals and senators really telling each other what they think. Seems Sen. Graham did not realize the general was in the house when he suggested a court martial should have been held in her case. The general fired back…..

"Senator Graham," she began, "I am also a resident of South
Carolina." As a wave of chuckles and applause washed over the audience,
Karpinski told Graham how she looked forward to returning home so she
could share his comment with the rest of his district. "Thankfully,"
she intoned, "your opinion doesn’t count for anything."

Karpinski continued with the lambasting, telling Graham, "I consider
you as cowardly as Rumsfeld, (Ricardo) Sanchez, and (Geoffrey) Miller,"
for lobbing accusations without undertaking any real action to uncover
the extent of the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Karpinski also added that the military "didn’t want me in the courtroom because they would have heard the truth."

Sounds like she has learned a few lessons from the Joe Wilson school of public debate; never accept any responsibility for your work, blame your superiors, and when confronted, hurl insults instead of facts.


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