Lets Play Nice, Now

Things are getting a little heated in the local blogosphere, it seems. Folks seem to be more interested in insulting those that have a different opinion on matters both sides feel strongly about. You know, if you’re a republican, you’re by definition a racist or a loony Christian fundamentalist; or, if you are a democrat, then you are a traitor to your country. Neither side seeks to advance the validity of their position; the superficiality of the comment reveals the lack of serious thought and the weakness of the argument. It makes everyone look like they are just screaming past each other, which further reduces the value of the disagreement to the level of high school cut downs.

Captain Ed has some thoughts on the matter:

If one wants to change the tone of political discourse, then one has
to start with one’s self, and hold one’s own side accountable for their
incivility. If both sides continue hurling rhetorical brickbats until
the other side ceases, the incivility will continue forever. And. like
Dr. Fuelner, I believe that it will degrade our democracy until the
only people talking are the uncivil extremists.

Is that the kind of country we want?  Does anyone want to be part of that kind of politics? 

To which I say, NO!


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