Moving On Up!

  Having been a contributing member of the blogosphere for about 12 months, your humble scribe has finally achieved the measure of success that comes from being noted in another blog. Apparently, the number of faithful readers has doubled, not counting yours truly, and we have been noticed by American Entropy, a fellow member of the Lowcountry Blog Roll. We were kind of hoping to be linked by, say, Instapundit, or maybe National Review Online, or my ultimate hero, The Belmont Club, but it is not, yet, to be. I guess everybody has to start somewhere, so we’ll take the attention of AE as it  comes our way with a measure of gratitude.

Apparently, some pearls of wisdom emanating from this blog caught the eye of our fellow blogger, who, according to his preferred method of debate, chose to respond by first sending out some withering words intended to insult the Agricoli, followed by linking to his side’s talking points. Fair enough. We’re big boys here in the land of Agricola, and we can take a little deconstruction of our opinions and linkage. But we’re still kind of stuck as to why debate from our associate has to first belittle before refuting. It’s not as if anything he writes is going to hurt my feelings, and gratuitous insults don’t really carry the weight of, say, parental approbation. Oh well, he’ll, hopefully, grow out of it, and we’ll look forward to a more reasoned exchange of ideas, opinions, and yes, facts. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to search the blogosphere for information to present at our place, in the sincere hope that the sweet light of reason might eventually seep into the subconscious of our enthusiastic mate. To quote our state motto: Dum Spiro, Spero.


3 thoughts on “Moving On Up!

  1. geoff

    Simple. I take offense and feel obligated to address people who provide comfort to criminals and ignore the fact that these criminals and their actions protected a policy that led to a lot of deaths and opened a breech — small or large — in our national security. Because in the end, we know that the 16 words were there for one purpose and that they were known to be false.


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