Terrible News!

This is bad news. I am well and truly addicted to coffee, and will suffer the headache to end all headaches if caffeine is withheld. This news sounds as if the lift I seek early each morning is merely the suppression of withdrawal symptoms. This is worse than rebound congestion, another monkey I carry around. Stop the merry-go round…..I want to get off!


3 Replies to “Terrible News!”

  1. You know, I’m so tired of reading about coffee and what it is/isn’t doing to/for me. Here’s the deal: I like drinking upward of a pot of coffee a day. Is it waking me up? giving me cancer? causing heart palpitations? simply getting rid of withdrawal symptoms? Hell, I don’t know. It’s just GOOD.

  2. I was beginning to suspect this! Getting up in the morning, I am now beginning to feel not only tired but slightly sick. Until, of course, I begin the 4-5 cup a day regimen, when I can form words instead of moans and grunts.

    But do I plan to get off the juice? Of course not.

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