The Voters Have Spoken

Nancy Pelosi – Secretary of State, D-CA, has embarked on her diplomatic shuffle to the Middle East, bringing her Kissingerian skills to bear on the stickiest wicket in international diplomacy. Not for Ms. Pelosi the trope that politics stops at water’s edge. No, for the Speaker, the voters spoke in 2006, and apparently, mixed in with all the other issues, was a result that has given her, if not primacy, certainly a seat at the table of foreign policy. The Washington Post thinks that might be a bit of legislative over-reach, and, in a rare bit of astronomical alignment, I happen to agree with the Editorial Board. According to Wikipedia, the 8th District of California, the electoral home of Rep. Pelosi, is the "smallest district in the nation outside of New York City." Ms. Pelosi received 101,707 votes in the last election, thus, apparently, being elected the voice of US foreign policy. In contrast, President Bush, cast aside as our elected leader, in 2004 received "only" 5,509,826 popular votes in California.

Ah, hubris!


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