Do We Still Get the Pork Without the Vote?

Remember this? The buying of Democratic Party votes for the Supplemental, with the Congressional mandates on withdrawal from Iraq? From Q and O  on March 21, 2007:

Now to some details. In case you were wondering
what is of supreme importance to a supplemental spending bill for the
wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, a look at this list will supply that answer:

    *      $74 million for a peanut storage program that pays storage fees as farmers market their crop.
    *      $750 million to cover shortfalls in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.
* $400 million to subsidize rural northwest counties who have been
suffering from declining timber sales since the mid-1990s.
    *      $3.7 billion to compensate farmers and ranchers for losses suffered during the last 3 crop years.
    *      $25 million for spinach growers effected by the e-coli health advisory.
    *      $60 million for Indian tribes and fisherman affected by declining salmon runs in the Northwest.
    *      $50 million for asbestos abatement at the Capitol Hill Power Plant.
    *      $140 million for livestock owners, citrus growers affected by the ’05 hurricanes.
    *      $120 million for the shrimp and menhaden industries.
    *      $2.5 billion for homeland security projects such as additional cargo screening at ports and airports.
    *      $283 million for extending the small dairy farm income loss contract program.
    *      $1.3 billion more for the Army Corps of Engineers to work on the New Orleans levees.
    *      $910 million to waive local matching requirements for the FEMA disaster aid program.
    *      $1 billion for pandemic flu preparedness.
    *      $16 million for maintenance and security improvements to the Capitol Hill office buildings.
    *      $25 million for the Small Business Administration disaster-loan program.

may argue that a few of these programs are important. Then they should
survive nicely in bills of their own. But it is also apparent that many
of these expenditures are in this bill specifically to attract votes in
Congress. Earmarks be damned, these a blatant bribes for votes with
your money.

Well, here’s a spot of bad news  for those bought votes…..

So the saga that is the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental continues
today, with word that Congressional Democrats–having decided the big
issues–are ready to begin a conference on the legislation.

Roll Call
($) reports that Democratic leaders are breaking the bad news to House
liberals–the conference report won’t force a surrender in Iraq on a
date certain…

Guess all that money (pork) got earmarked for a result that isn’t going to happen. Do we taxpayers get our money back?


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