The Lamps Going Out Across America

Today’s column by Mark Steyn sums things up very nicely as to the machinations of the Democrats and our enemies abroad. A small slice of the wisdom pie:

…As I always say, if you live in Tikrit and Ramadi, the Iraq issue is
about Iraq. But, if you live anywhere else on the planet, Iraq is about
America. In Tehran, Pyongyang, Khartoum, Caracas, Beijing, Moscow and
the South Sandwich Islands, they watch Harry Reid & Co. on the 24/7
cable channels and draw their own conclusions about American will.

The Defeaticrats are being opportunist: They think they can calibrate
the precise degree of U.S. defeat in Mesopotamia that will bring
victory for them in Ohio and Florida.
The losses are devastating
for the individuals’ families but they are historically among the
lowest in any conflict this nation or any other has fought. So I don’t
believe the nightly plume of smoke over Baghdad on the evening news
explains the national disenchantment. Rather, the mission as framed by
the president — help the Iraqi people build a free and stable Iraq —
is simply not accepted by the American people.
Contemptible as this is, it
wouldn’t be possible had the administration not lost the support of
many of the American people over this war. On the right, between
the unrealpolitik "realists" and the "rubble doesn’t cause trouble"
isolationists and the hit-’em-harder-faster crowd, the president has
fewer and fewer takers for a hunkered-down, defensive, thankless
semi-colonial policing operation. Regardless of how it works on the
ground, it has limited appeal at home. Meanwhile, the leftists don’t
accept it because, while they’re fond of "causes," they dislike those
that require meaningful action: Ask Tibetans about how effective half a
century of America’s "Free Tibet" campaign has been; or ask Darfuris,
assuming you can find one still breathing, how the left’s latest
fetishization is going from their perspective:

"On Sunday, April 29, Salt Lake Saves Darfur invites the greater Salt
Lake community of compassion to join with us as we honor the fallen and
suffering Darfuris in a day of films, discussion and dance with a
Sudanese dance troupe."

Marvelous. I hope as the "Salt Lake Saves Darfur" campaign intensifies
in the decades ahead there’ll be enough Darfuris to man the dance
troupe. It would be truer to say that the greater Salt Lake community
of compassion, like Sen. Obama with his light bulbs, is "working on"
saving Darfur.

In Khartoum, Tehran, Moscow and elsewhere, the world’s mischief-makers
have reached their own conclusions about how much serious "work"
America is prepared to do.
(Emphases mine).

Read the whole, sad thing.



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