Capitol Culture

One of the most effective planks of the 2006 Democrat campaign to recapture control of the House was the pledge to "clean out" the culture of corruption that permeates Washington. Notwithstanding the odor emanating from Democrats like Alcee Hastings, D-Fla. and William Jefferson, D-La., the citizens heeded the promises of the Democrat leadership and voted the bums out. Only, it appears, to vote the bums in.

To be sure, the Republicans, having been given their opportunity, utterly failed to establish a standard of ethical behavior in Congress. Duke Cunningham , war hero, was the Poster Boy of The Culture of Corruption.

For the senior Democrat leadership in Congress to attack the Republican leadership begs the question of corruption in Washington. From our perspective, the issues of lobbying reform and earmarks are simply the natural progression in a system of political spoils run amok amongst a crowd of politicians for whom ethical behavior and standards of moral behavior are abstract ideas used for campaigns and then tossed aside in the aftermath of elections.

The arrogance of the politicians that seek office, not for service, but for opportunity is disturbing. The notion of Harry Reid, D-NV  as Cincinnatus is so unbelievable as to be impossible to understand. The smallness of our elected officials where compared to Washington and the Founding Fathers of our Republic is clearly understood on the rare occasion of a comparison, never drawn by any officeholder.

The question that must be asked, as one of many, is why? Has the system, so patiently crafted in Philadelphia, and thought inalterable except through the action of the citizenry, been compromised by the legions of politicians seeking money, power, and careerism? Or, have we, the people, knowingly and willingly elected the kind of politicians that we want, so to better get our own "slice of the pie" at the expense of our fellow voters?

Whatever the answer, it ought to be clear by now that any expectation that the architects of this structure of corruption, who remain in power year after year, will tear down the very system of their design, is a false hope. The sheepdogs, elected to protect us, have, over time, corrupted the purpose of their existence and have turned against the flock.

When will we realize that it is time to replace the whole lot of them?


One Reply to “Capitol Culture”

  1. You’ve asked a very interesting question which is only answered by human nature. The politicians continue this because we don’t march in the streets with pitchfork and torches.

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