Manliness in Politicians

Political science, he says, has been diminished to narrow questions of
self-interest instead of linking personal interest with the larger
issues of the public good. The republic always suffers when there’s a
lack of authentic heroes to harness pride and ambition.

From Suzanne Fields, writing in the Washington Times. The column follows a theme we have been advocating for a while, which is the lamentation of character and honor in the politics of our age. Another small taste:

It’s rare for an intellectual like Harvey Mansfield to offer philosophy
and reflection as something for Washington pols to think about. The
consultants who run campaigns are more likely to quote Dick Morris or
James Carville than Plato or Aristotle. Philosophy is about the
contemplative life, politics is about getting elected. Plato saw the
rulers and the ruled as inhabiting a dark cave who ought to be
listening to philosophers, thus getting their light from the sun.
Rodney Dangerfield would put it another way: "I don’t get no respect."

Fair Use constraints being what they are, please read the rest of her column.


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