The View From London

First, an apology for our extended absence from the forum. Even our reader(s) has noticed.

Second, herewith a tour of international organizations, given from the European perspective, and a discussion of the possibility that the confluence of American politics and UN/Euro/Bureaucrat domination of said organizations will lead to the pyrrhic victory of an American withdrawal from the world scene.

The Europeans’ partial victory is going to come at a very high cost.
Americans, and not only the neo-cons so reviled by the elite in
Europe’s capitals, are beginning to wonder about the usefulness of
their commitment to many international institutions: "These
institutions need to be rethought and restructured," said Bob Rubin,
Bill Clinton’s highly regarded treasury secretary. The fight over Mr
Wolfowitz made Americans notice that they are squandering billions on
armies of bureaucrats who think it a good idea to wreak vengeance on a
man who shaped official US foreign policy, and a man who had as his
central goal the elimination of corruption at the bank and among its
client states.

There’s more so follow the link.

H/T Jules Crittenden


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