Bill Clinton, the disbarred attorney (perjury)who was also our 42nd President, has spoken on President Bush’s commutation of Mr. LIbby’s sentence for perjury. Apparently Mr. Libby may also face disbarment procedures, and, like Mr. Clinton, will avoid jail-time for his crime.  One wonders what problem  Mr. Clinton has with the result. Oh, wait a minute, he’s quoted in the New York Times on the subject……let’s let him speak for himself:

“It’s wrong to out that C.I.A. agent and wrong to try to cover it up,” Mr. Clinton added. “And no one was ever fired from the White House for doing it.”

Mr. Clinton pardoned 140 people in the final hours of his presidency, including Marc Rich,
the fugitive broker who had been charged with evading tens of millions
of dollars in taxes, and who was the former husband of a top donor to
Democrats and Mrs. Clinton’s first Senate campaign.

Wait a minute, I thought we all agreed with Mr. Fitzgerald that Richard Armitage was the leaker. "No partisan gunslinger" was the phrase used to describe Mr. Armitage by Robert Novak in his fateful column.

"No was ever fired from the White House for doing it", said Mr. Clinton. Well, say I, that’s because no one in the White House did it. And when Mr. Libby was charged with another crime, guess what? He was no longer in the White House.

Sheesh….is it too much to expect some honesty from Mr. Clinton?

CWCID: Jules Crittenden


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