Enough is Enough

So said Steny Hoyer the morning after the latest kerfuffle in the House. Watching a television report on the television tonight, I am hard pressed to differentiate between, say, Congress and the Taiwanese Parliament, or, God forbid, the miasma that is the Iraqi political situation. From here on my sofa, there isn’t a lot of difference between the three. What seems to be the common denominator for the three is fanatical partisanship, endemic corruption, and arrogance that knows no bounds. What seems to have disappeared from the arena is a sense of comity, adherence to a common set of values that places the state above the person, and any sort of perspective that places moral behavior ahead of personal needs.

Our country, indeed our world, has situations that threaten our continued prosperity, security, and  well-being.  Confronted with intelligence and the best of the human spirit, they can be overcome and our continued existence on this lovely orb extended. But only if we elect the best people we can, and only if they are committed to the greater good, even if it comes with short-term sacrifice.

Enough is enough!


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