MontanThe Agricoli have temporarily relocated to the relative cool of the Gallatin River, in South-West Montana. Already trout have been caught (and released), flies lost in stream-side brush, and intimate contact with the in-laws re-established. Already we feel the stress of the daily existence falling away, as we soak up the restorative ambiance of The West. Already we are dreading the return to the Real World.

But for a few days, we will act as if we have no cares except for the exact time of the late-morning caddis hatch. Heated discussions will take place over the advantages of nymph-fishing versus the "purity" of the dry fly. Conversation, or, even better, long silences, will nourish our souls as we enjoy the beauty of the river and the company of loved ones.

Soon enough it will end, but for now, it’s great to be in Montana.


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