About Those Pipe Bombs…

Here’s a little more info on the "students" arrested in Goose Creek, with some information that I don’t think has appeared in our local news sources:

The men are students at the University of South Florida’s School of
Engineering, which Professor Sami al-Arian turned into an outpost of
the terrorist organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  Now it turns
out that at least one of them was either renting
or about to rent a room in a house formerly rented by al-Arian’s World
& Islam Studies Enterprise.  Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project
on Terrorism also reports that, according to sources close to the
investigation, Ahmed Mohammed had previously been arrested in Egypt on terrorism charges.  No word yet on how he was able to get into the United States with that history.

Innocent students? Shortcuts? Fireworks?

At the risk of "nifonging" anyone, we should wait for a conviction before passing judgment on our visiting friends from Eqypt. But this stinks.


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