The Culture of Corruption

There are plenty of congressmen and congresswomen who just don’t get it….they continue, apparently, to thrive in a self-contained bubble that surrounds Washington, DC. Patronage, inside dealing, and self-dealing continue as the staff of political life. They must think that mere citizens cannot see through the bubble. Either they take us for fools, or they don’t care. Both alternatives are frightening.

As further evidence, consider this report on the dealings of that great representative of Pennsylvania, John Murtha.

A sample…..

The Board of PAID includes a number of other recipients of Murtha earmarks, as well as Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who’s also the only recipient of a campaign donation from the lobbying firm associated with the PAID earmarks (and so many others from Murtha).

This is merely the latest in a long line of questionable Murtha earmarks. Earlier this year Murtha was caught asserting that the Department of Energy supported one of his earmarks, when in fact the DoE opposed it. The earmark was for an entity that apparently did not exist–at least, not yet. Prior to that Murtha had claimed that the Department of Justice was about to assign important new responsibilities to an agency for which he sought an earmark, when in fact DoJ was trying to shut it down. That followed another story by Roll Call about a firm for which Murtha secured millions in federal earmarks, apparently to induce them to move to his district.

Has the man no shame? Does the leadership of the Democratic Party in the US House of Representatives, including our own Jim Clyburn have any sense of moral decency?

H/T InstaPundit


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