Return To Sanity

As promised earlier this year, we are passing on some early analysis about the re-revision of clock rules in NCAA football. The source of much confusion for the fan, and increased revenue opportunities for the broadcast networks, the new season seems to have a more acceptable balance between the purpose of the sport, i.e., playing the game, and the purpose of the networks, i.e., making money through advertisements.

The information comes courtesy of The Wizard of Odds, via our old friend,

An excerpt:

One has to wonder if Alabama’s comeback Saturday against Arkansas would have been possible under the 2006 clock rules. You remember those rules, right? The ones that stripped nearly 16 plays from the average game and shortened the contests by 13:53.

Then we learned that telecasts — particularly those by CBS — weren’t really all that much shorter. In other words, less football, more commercials.

Thankfully, the Football Rules Committee corrected its mistake, basically changing the rules back to what they were in 2005. Now it can be argued that the Crimson Tide would have never had the chance to march down the field for the winning touchdown against the Razorbacks if the game had been played under the 2006 clock rules.

Now, if we could just restore some sanity to the nicknames……


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