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The Latest Greatest Invention

This needs to be talked about. The physical manifestation of that great theoretical construct: “Pork rules”.

I love anyone whose goal in life is “…it’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon”.

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A Dangerous Pearl


What a lovely sight to see in our sky. Via Astronomy Picture of the Day, a beautiful picture of Comet Holmes. But, you aspiring astronomists might ask, where is the tail? Why, it’s behind the comet…..which can only mean that at the moment the photo was taken, the lovely Holmes was oriented directly at planet Earth. Will it change its orientation? Follow the link……..

A Zero Carbon Footprint


We’ve previously reported on the notion that the Department of Defense is leading the way in our country’s search for technological solutions to the carbon based fuel problem.

Check this out.

From Iraq, to Nevada and Wyoming, it appears that the military is acting on the urgent, impending issue of a shortage of carbon based fuels. The federal government has created a set of tax credits for individuals who wish to invest in similar technologies; the question remains, however, as to when Federal incentives will become available at the state and local level.

Many have written that the solutions to the coming energy crisis can be found in engineering and incentives. Looks like our military is, yet again, leading the way.

Environmental Behavior

There is a story, yet to be told in its entirety, about a man I know. As a tyke, in the grasp of loving parents who had not yet mastered the intricacies of child raising, some developmental issues presented themselves. Put plainly, at the age of 12 months, the man-child was fat and had not yet learned to walk. The pediatrician suggested that problems loomed if a change in circumstances did not occur. The poor parents, bewildered but inventive, and profoundly American (therefore ingenious), created their very own mechanical solution to a physical problem.

In a flash of inspiration, they took the husband’s skateboard and with a roll of duct tape attached their child to the mobility device. The problem was solved. Until J. either lost weight or learned to walk, whichever came first, he would, in the meantime, be able to move himself around the home. The increased mobility would, undoubtedly, lead to both weight loss and an increase desire to walk. Unfortunately, photographic evidence of this event has not yet been uncovered; know the search continues.

I will leave it for you, gentle reader, to calculate the possible existence of any long-term psychological issues.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to see this photo in the e-mail; a beautiful baby, dressed as a lobster, placed in the pot (any boiling water?), ready to be cooked and eaten. See for yourself:


I guess we could not expect anything more from “Skateboard Baby”.