The Latest Greatest Invention

This needs to be talked about. The physical manifestation of that great theoretical construct: “Pork rules”.

I love anyone whose goal in life is “…it’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon”.

Upon the completion of this post, we will be going here.

H/T: The Corner.


3 thoughts on “The Latest Greatest Invention

  1. Rose Paul

    We found the bacon salt ad in an issue of PC Gaming for Windows believe it or not A week later, our bottle of bacon salt arrived.
    It is really great!
    We got just the original version, but I am curious about the other flavors.
    Hubby puts this stuff on everything!
    Popcorn, rice, ALL grilled meats and any version of eggs.
    I actually caught him looking at the bottle of bacon salt with a bowl of oatmeal in his hand. I was afraid to look to see if he actually put the salt on the cereal.

    Really good stuff. I am glad I caught the ad in the magazine.


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