Post-Op Report

Everything’s fine. I’d post the pictures, but I don’t think the readership needs photographic evidence to accept my assertion.

The process was a LOT less traumatic than my imagination had projected. The kind nurse was correct in her remark that the preparation is a lot worse than the procedure. After a short wait in the reception area, I was wisked into a semi-private area and instructed to remove all clothing below the waist, socks excepted. Various monitoring devices were attached/inserted, and I was, too quickly, on my way to the ‘procedure room’. Two very nice nurses, one an anthesisist, keep me engaged while they prepared for the exam. The doctor arrived, which must have been the cue for the anesthetic, because at some point in the next 20 seconds I was gone. After a wonderful, but apparently brief, sleep, I was yanked into the world of wakefulness by my wife. A brief visit by the doctor, and it was home to bed. It was a breeze. Fellas, don’t be afraid…….get it done!

I could not help but admire the efficiency of the process. While in the ‘room’, I asked the nurses how many procedures were done on a typical day. 45! Got that: 45 colonscopies per day. Of course, she said, there are 4 doctors and they share the load.

Still, let’s take a look at the numbers.

Per my paperwork:

Physicians Fee: $700 – 1100.

Anesthesia: $200 – 400

Facility Services: $650

Taking the low number, totalling $1,550, and multiplying by 45 yields a gross revenue number of $69,750. Not bad, not bad at all. Assume that the practice does that 3 days per week, 52 weeks per year. The gross revenue number: $10,881,000. That’s a big number. It also does not include any other form of revenue from the practice.

Now, I am not begrudging those good people a single penny. My life is worth at least that much. But, it just strikes some nerve in my body in some way…..


2 thoughts on “Post-Op Report

  1. Heather

    When Aidan had his colonoscopy/endoscopy the total charges were over 14k.

    I about died. I was expecting between 2 and 3k of which we pay a 1/3.

    I am so glad everything looked umm good.


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