A spot of bad news for Christmas, via NewsMax. I’d stop the kiddies of a certain age from reading any further. A sliver of the report:

According to the Chinese defense ministry, Santa’s sleigh was being escorted by J-8 fighters from Hainan Island. The Chinese government characterized the fighter escorts as a precaution against Santa’s “aggressive acts that endanger lives.”

The tension over the shoot down of Santa Claus caps a year of drama between the North Pole and Beijing. Beijing denied the shoot-down occurred because of the failing trade ties between the world’s biggest provider of Christmas gifts and the largest manufacturer of toys.

The toy ban is not the only incident between China and the North Pole.

China also came into conflict with the elves in the past few months. Elf union representatives met this past year with members of the Chinese labor force in order to inspect mainland factories for human rights violations.

This is bad, folks!

H/T The Weekly Standard.


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