Sharpening the Axe


From a forum for beginners in Java:


What is the best way to improve logics. Since most of the coding works on developing quick/good logic. Is there a book or resource for developing logics which will be used in coding. Most of the times I end up speding time thinking abt the logics.How can one improve his logical thinking.


I don’t know of any book, method, or formal plans, but i’d simply suggest practice.

a lot of folks will tell you it’s GOOD to spend a lot of time thinking, and less time writing code. Abraham Lincoln allegedly once said “If i were given 8 hours to chop down a tree, i’d spend the first 7 hours sharpening my axe.” I think the same principle applies to coding – more time spent thinking about things up front will make writing the code much easier down the road.

We have had this concept hammered into our brains in my two classes in programming. It still hasn’t sunk in…….I still start thinking about code before logic. It doesn’t work……


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