Oh, The Frustration of it All……

Living the student life means that lots of life’s pleasures have to be postponed, canceled, or removed from the daily agenda. We do it willingly, although sometimes grudgingly. One of the simple joys of our lives is cooking and eating good food, accompanied by good wine. We enjoy the “mis en place”, searching for just the right bottle(s) of wine, and the eating of our labor.

Alas, the realities have greatly reduced our opportunities for this pleasure.

So, it was with great enthusiasm that we, having found a few extra dollars, decided to prepare a meal, using our favorite cookbook, The Wine Lover’s Cookbook, a book that introduced us to good food, good wine, and the pairings that made the meal a complete experience.

Here’s the recipe:


If you follow the link, you’ll see the directions for a delicious sauce that is the key component of the meal. We love to do sauces…….

The meal was achieving critical mass….the sauteed green beans with garlic were resting in their saute pan, crunchy but flavorful, while the sweet potatoes, baked tender and then mashed in a saucepan, where they were married with a dash of nutmeg, a pinch of sage, and a dollop of butter, all combining to form a delicious starch component (yet healthy), together awaited the two small filets that had been cooked perfectly on the grill and allowed to rest for 5 minutes.

The plating was underway, the elements arranged artfully, when your scribe reached for the piece de resistance, the sauce Diana. In a moment of unguarded stupidity, I put down one saucepan which landed on the handle of my pan, full of the delicious sauce, causing the pan and the sauce to flip up, off the stove, and tumble artlessly to the kitchen floor. In a split-second, 60 minutes of loving labor coated our kitchen floor with a patina that smelled like a corner of France but looked like the Bee’s Ferry landfill.

It literally took my breath away. A meal that we had been anticipating for too long was gone, ruined by this chef’s maladroit handling of pots and pans.

Oh, the shame of it………


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