Via The Map Room, a damning display of the state of public education in South Carolina.

For a more detailed view, click on the pdf file below: warning, it’s @ 9MB.


Are our educators and administrators focused on graduation rates?


7 Replies to “Shame”

  1. What’s the shame? Is it we have a higher rate of minorities than other states or that we don’t do any better job of educating our kids than New York City, LA, Chicago or Philadelphia?

  2. The shame, pcm, is that our dropout rate is as high as it is, regardless of the cause. The shame is that we are spending money hand over fist while doing such a very poor job of keeping the kids in school. The shame is that no amount of money spent on education achieves the purported goal of providing an education while so many kids drop out. Who gives a tinker’s damn where we stand in comparison to larger metropolitan areas, or what the racial makeup of our schools is….our school system should be doing everything in their power to keep kids in school.

  3. Sounds like your saying that our government is doing a poor job of educating out kids in spite of spending plenty of money? If so, we agree. The system is broke. How about trying something new? What about vouchers?

  4. pcm: Let me try again. IMHO, we should be spending money on programs that keep/get kids into the classroom. All the money in the budget doesn’t matter if the students are not in the classroom, learning. Vouchers, charter schools, discipline, truancy enforcement, tax incentives; I don’t care what is used as long as our educators make attendance their primary issue.

  5. I understand where you are coming from, but there is a problem when you say, “Make attendance their primary issue.” I was married to a 7th grade teacher who worked in a system where attendance was their primary issue….problem was they ended up with a bunch of 16 year old kids in 7th and 8th grade or they social promoted kids who could not read. Sorry, but it gets back to the community and the parents. It’s be great fun…I gotta go to bed.

  6. Shame indeed.

    It’s not just money and attendance although both are essential. There are lots of deeply entrenched social problems that merely a nice school, great teachers, and students showing up are going to make go way.

    Too many children are going to school (those that do go) totally unprepared to learn because of crazy situations at home that don’t foster a learning environment.

    I think it’s he parent’s responsibility to educate children and schools are a partner, not the other way around.

    The problem is what do we do when so many parents cannot or will not prepare their children for education. Of course, attendance is neccessary, we can make every student attend with enough will, but what then?

    My rambling point is that biggest problem with education is in the homes that have problems beyond the boundaries of any school, and it’s going to take more that what schools can do to fix them.

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