A Little Perspective, Please…….

With the daily news organs spewing information of a malthusian nature, what with hoarding and other types of anti-social behavior, it seemed that Mankind had reached yet another tipping point.

Enough with the fear mongering….how about some data, please?

Behold some historical food prices, via the Volokh Conspiracy:

Year Food spending as share of disposable income
1929 23.4%
1939 21.3%
1949 22.1%
1959 17.8%
1969 13.7%
1979 13.4%
1989 10.9%
1999 10.2%
2000 9.9%
2001 9.9%
2002 9.8%
2003 9.8%
2004 9.7%
2005 9.8%
2006 9.9%

A little perspective always helps.


2 Replies to “A Little Perspective, Please…….”

  1. the problem is that as the state continues to give cost of living increases well below the actual cost of living, my disposable income drops. There are apparently a whole lot of people out there with more disposable income than me which skews the table regarding how much food prices have increased within the realm of my world…

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