Politics and Politicians

From the pen of P.J. O’Rourke:

After all my time covering politics, I
know a lot of politicians. They’re intelligent.
They’re diligent. They’re talented.
I like them. I count them as friends.
But when these friends of mine take
their intelligence, their diligence, and
their talent and they put these into the
service of politics, ladies and gentlemen,
when they do that, they turn into
leeches upon the commonwealth.

They are dogs chasing the cat of
freedom. They are cats tormenting the
mouse of responsibility. They are mice
gnawing on the insulated wiring of individualism.
They are going to hell in a
hand basket, and they stole that basket
from you. They are the ditch carp in
the great river of democracy. And this
is what one of their friends says.

Read the rest here.

If I can get past my disgust, maybe I’ll put something up about politicians, economics, and the Strategic Petroleum Preserve (you remember that program don’t ya, the program that ‘consumes’ .05% of our oil purchases, terminated by the Congress in an attempt to lower gasoline prices).


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